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Flower Garden Block
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Flower Garden Block Type GB-A20
Type GB-A20
GB-A205 : 500L × 100W × 200H
GB-A201,GB-A20H : 100Φ × 200H
GB-A20L,GB-A20R  : 100Φ × 200H
GB-A20A: 800H × 800H, 100Φ
Manufacturer : Koreamica
Origin : South Korea
Anchor Hole :When it fix with floor, use the bolt or fixing fin. It’s safe without fix so please use it if necessary. A front view
A left viewA right view
The block which has sawtooth and furrow of sawtooth at the opposite side.
- It’s comfortable in case of regulating of the width and length of flower garden.
- Turning(15º) of the left and right is possible. It’s useful to make the circle or curved type’s flower garden.
The block has a weep hole.
-The block is useful at the place which needs drain in the flower garden.
It’s elbow block that the furrow of sawtooth places at the counterclockwise (90º) of the sawtooth.
- It’s useful when the flower garden turns to the counterclockwise(90º).
- Mainly it’s used for the edge of the square flower garden.
It’s elbow block that the furrow of sawtooth places at the clockwise rotation (90º).
- It’s useful when the flower garden turns to the clockwise rotation (90º)
- Mainly it’s used for the edge of the square flower garden.

  - The Height of A20A is 200mm and A15A is 150mm.
  - It’s comfortable and economical when you use it at the edge of the flower garden.
  - Combination of the Minimized flower garden installation : A20A/A15A(2) + A20L/ A15L(2)
  - The size of minimized flower garden: 900mm x 900mm
  - You can use the A205/ A155 or A201/ A151 for regulating the garden’s length and width.

Simple installation: convenience of the simple way to install blocks each.
Superior to quality : As the Mica, the life span almost permanents.
Competitive price : you can assemble the proper blocks according to the shape of flower garden. It can be saving the price.
The strength of the joint.
The smart functionality : The turn block each is possible and no extra connection fines.
Variety of block’s combination: It’s possible that making the various shape and size’s flower garden, mixing the functional block at the main block.
The easiness of fixing : Use of the anchor hole and possibility of connection of the silicone with concrete floor.
The easy drain ability : Install of aid block has the drain hole at the place needs to drain.

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